Inmotardor is a social real estate agency that manages properties for sale or rent in an efficient and professional way, but in this case, half of the profits go to Associació Tardor, and like that we are able to carry out different projects and improve the lives of hundreds of people.

Formiga Fanera

It is a construction and refurbishment company that has signed an agreement with Associació Tardor through Inmotardor to carry out works and renovations with some of the personnel rescued from the long-term unemployed and also to support young people who have no chance of a job due to lack of formation. 50% of the net benefits from the work carried out in this association will go to help the severe poverty of the people who we care about in our soup kitchen.

Art Solidari Tardor

Art Solidari Tardor is an enterprise with two fundamental ideas: the promotion of musical events and the production of local artists. With the objective of creating a musical brand based on respect for it, with a fair deal for all parties and full support for the artists to be managed. The idea is to do events in collaboration with Tardor to raise funds for them and also get helps from the city council o collaborate with other associations to gradually expand the market niche.

Where others see business, Art Solidari Tardor sees a unique opportunity to promote the culture and, through her, help the ones who more need it.

For the immediate future, we are working on the creation of a professional Recording Studio, which will be the base from where we will start working with each of the artists. If there are no disadvantages the studio and the record label Art Solidari Tardor will open their doors in autumn this year (2022).

The Art Solidari Tardor team is formed by Amado Darder “El Hombre Gris” and Toni Lliteras “Dj Shinell”.

3n1 Productions

It is an audiovisual production initiative that, thanks to the support of Grupo Periódico de Baleares, Canal4 radio and Radio Televisión Baleares España, produces programs with an important social activism dimension and whose objective is to obtain sponsors whose funds will be destined to Associació Tardor’s social projects. 3n1 Productions team is formed by the journalist Pedro Prieto García, the charismatic communicator Jonny Darder and press officer Toni Bauzá.

3n1 Tardor